Friday, 28 February 2014

Alive and Kicking!

Is it really, truly the 1st March tomorrow? It's just unbelievable how quickly the months are flying by. I have been a busy bee since I last posted in November with raising my family, leading a church, being a friend and well - just living life really!

I've missed posting but am hoping to get back into it now. I was listening to 'Coffee with Christine' the other day - a short podcast by Christine Caine (founder of the A21 anti-human trafficking campaign). It was from January 6th, if you want to listen, and she was tackling the issue of decluttering. The whole podcast is provoking but something Christine said really hit me. She talked about the fact that we can procrastinate so much because we tell ourselves that we can't do something unless the conditions are right, for example - "I need a whole afternoon to declutter that cupboard instead of tackling it 15 mins at a time". She, on the other hand, is what you would call a 'do it now' girl! In other words, she wants to do things well but knows that it will never get done if she is waiting for perfection - from herself or from external factors.

Oh boy, I am such a procrastinator! I'm kind of an all or nothing type of girl - when it comes to tackling jobs and tasks. I really need to retrain myself to do things a bit at a time instead of putting things off because I don't have a whole chunk of time to accomplish something. The more things get left, the bigger and more overwhelming things become. I know I need to change!

So, I'm interested to know - are you a do it now type, or are you like me - a bit of a perfectionist and procrastinator? Maybe you were a procrastinator but have learnt some keys to just getting on with stuff bit by bit - please do share what has worked for you.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and I look forward to being back here again soon!

~ Kathi ~

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3girlsx said...

Have struggled in last few years with some low times and things like housework were at the bottom of the pile. When turned a corner just decided one day to try and trick my self by saying ill just do 10 minutes. It usually turns into 30 or more, and if not it's still better than nothing! Was partly inspired by Sybille and Stefan Rottman setting us a 2 minute mime creation task. Realising that 2 minutes was achievable and felt too short it unblocked creativity which had been blocked for years due to perfectionist issues! : )